Culturally appropriate and safe assistance through home visitation for survivors of violence: Practices, challenges, needs – Report, July 2020

This report is a qualitative exploration of practices, challenges and unmet needs in Home Visitation (HV)-based supports to diverse mothers living in situations of family violence in the Canadian province of Alberta. ​It is an instrumental output of a 2019-2023 collaborative multi-agency project. The report provides evidence to develop and pilot a home visitation protocol for diverse vulnerable mothers and mothers-to be coping with the effects of family violence.

The data came from focus groups and interviews conducted across Alberta with Indigenous and immigrant-refugee women (including survivors of family violence), home visitors, and workers in child protection services. Data collection was between October 2019 and January 2020 in urban, rurban and rural locations. We spoke with 43 interviewees and 80 participants in 9 focus groups.The data are anecdotal and perspectival. Data collection and analysis used methods standard for qualitative social research and with reference to published, primarily peer-reviewed, literature.

Please check out the report for more information and if you find it useful as a reference, please cite as suggested on page 1 of the report.

Clicking the picture below will take you straight to the report (PDF; contains a 4-page summary). Or, click this link to the Report (PDF).



If you are short on time, here is the Summary (downloadable PDF; *also included in the main report; contains link to the full report)


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